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According to The Guardian, every year in the world 16% of produced milk doesn’t reach the final customer and it is then thrown away. The unsold milk, expired or expiring, representing a waste for the food supply chain is a nutrient still rich in growth factors. Lac2Lab gives a new life to a product considered as a waste for the agri-food chain. Lac2Lab collects this raw material apparently without any value and transforms it into a new valuable product for the Life Sciences sector, to replace the commonly used medium additive FBS. In fact, FBS has many drawbacks: high cost, a possible source of contamination, a derivation from bovine fetuses (more than 2 million of bovine fetuses are killed every year in the world, according to [Brindley et al., 2012]).


The circularity of this solution relies on making useful for human society something that is apparently useless. In fact, the disposal of expired milk is a cost for retailers and manufacturers, since if not correctly disposed it is a polluting material for the environment. Moreover, the global increase in population makes any sort of food waste a despicable act.


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